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Solar Application
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Residential Solution
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Energy Storage
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Digital Energy

Solar Application

The combination of solar rooftop, solar floating, and solar car parking to utilize the resources.


Residential Solution

Start saving and increased your home value through solar energy with a government subsidy.


Energy Storage

To increased stability of the grid system and enhanced the system efficiency.


Digital Energy

Advancement in energy monitoring and trading platform. 


Our Solution

Private PPA/Construction Service (EPC)

Solar PPA

Solar Sale

Simply enjoys the solar energy savings with zero investment and worried free on operation and maintenance during PPA term

EPC turnkey solution with a maximum savings through solar energy.

Zero Investment

25-35 THB/W

Discount from government tariffs

Free electricity from solar



Operation and Maintenance Free

Free for the first 2 years

Warranty Free

2 year system, 10 year equipment

Insurance Free


  • Savings from day 1 with zero costs
  • Guaranteed discount regardless of  tariffs
  • We handle all operation, maintenance, and insurance
  • Hedge against rising utility tariffs
  • Maximum flexibility with no long-term contract
  • Enjoy BOI tax benefits at up to 50% of investment costs

Residential Solution

Since mid of 2019, a government has promoted the use of solar energy in residential market and we believe in endless potential of clean energy in this sector and that is why we have come with Residential Solution under the name of “Impact Solar Home”.

At Impact Solar Home, we aim to be a one stop service for not only residential solar rooftop but to provide the cutting-edge technologies beyond solar. With our completed package that including design, exploring financing, installation, permit application, operation and maintenance, the customer can relieve and let us be your new energy partner.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Main Questions



Why should I install solar rooftop?


Did you know that the electricity price in Thailand has increased by almost 4% every year for the last 15 years and it is expected to rise even higher as the gas in the Gulf of Thailand is slowly running out. On the other hand, the cost of solar has dropped more than 50% since 2007. Solar is now much cheaper and accessible than you have ever imagined. Start saving TODAY!  

Will my factory/building qualify for a solar system installation?


As long as your roof is in good condition and shade-free, it will do. We provide free on-site consultation, just contact us now.

Do I need to learn how to operate it?


With our Solar PPA package, we take care of everything for you and it's free too.

With Solar Sale package, if you purchase the system, we provide full operation and maintenance (O&M) free of charge for the first 2 years so you can rest assured and get familiarized with our system.

What if solar system generate more electricity than I consume?


We are introducing a battery system soon. What’s more, depending on upcoming government policy, you may be able to sell the extra bit back to the grid in the near future. We will keep you posted.

Will solar system feed in during a blackout?


In such event, our solar system will automatically shut down for safety purposes. While it may not provide you the energy you need during a blackout, rooftop solar won’t harm you. Your safety is always our utmost concern.

Will solar system interfere with my existing equipment/system?


Definitely not. Our solar system is connected to the same electricity line that is coming from the utility grid; the inverter will detect and automatically synchronize the electricity generated for solar to match that from the grid although at a voltage higher than the grid. Therefore, solar power will always be a priority supply consumed by you and when solar power is insufficient, electricity from grid will be drawn automatically to support your equipment.

Will I be able to use energy generated from solar during the night?


Solar panels work best during the day time. Right now, we are developing battery system soon which will store any surplus energy for you to use during night time. Even if solar energy runs out, it will automatically use the power from the grid which is perfectly the same way you do before you install solar panels.

What if I plan to sell my property?


There are several options in the Solar PPA package. You can transfer the system to the new owner or purchase the system so you can continue to enjoy the savings.

How will you choose what's right for me?


We analyse your (12-months) electricity consumption data and design the optimum system to maximize your savings.

I have a small budget. What are my options?


You can always go with our Solar PPA package. There is no need for any investment and all you need to pay for is the electricity generated from our solar system, which will be cheaper than what you are paying now! However, according to our calculations, in the long run you will save more if you purchase the system. Don’t worry, we have the support of leading Thai banks to provide financial support for your solar needs.

I have huge budget. What are my options?


We recommend to go for Solar Sale package. That way, you will start saving immediately on the first day. In a long run, you will earn more than any other package.

Where does my profit come from? If I install a larger system, will I arrive at earlier breakeven year?


Your profit comes from our escalation on government tariff. Installing larger system also contributes to your upfront cost, hence it won't affect your breakeven year at all.

How heavy is the system?


The system itself is 20 kg/m2 while we strongly recommend to allocate another 5 kg/m2 for engineering work.

How long does the system last?


The system is designed to last over 50 years. The first one built in 1960s is still in operation.

How much space do I need?


At least 2,000 m2 or roughly equivalent to half of a small football field.

Is there any time lag between switching solar system to grid power or vice versa?


There is no time lag between switching either system. The system is always connected to the grid. Even when you consume all the power generate.

What if my consumption pattern changes afterward?


Your savings are always our primary interest. We will welcome any additional consultation if you are looking for further expansion and vice versa.